We launched ADI officially at the 61st meeting of the World Statistics conference in Marrakesh on 19th July 2017.  This was a 2-hour special session This is how it was reported in the conference’s “Daily  News”

STS 062 African Data Initiative (ADI)

ADI is a new collaborative project (www.africandata.org) aimed at supporting Africa to take advantage of the data revolution.  It involves activities designed to improve statistical literacy across all academic levels.  It is developed largely within Africa and is for Africa, though it is designed also to be relevant elsewhere.

The first part of this session demonstrated R-Instat.  This is a new open-source statistical software based on R.  This was followed by 3 talks linking ADI to school, undergraduate and postgraduate education.  The final talks presented ADI links in agricultural research, climate and farmers.

The session led to a lively discussion as is illustrated in the attached photo.

The presentation of R-Instat was a 10-minute tour of the software by Danny Parsons.  This was followed by 3 discussants, John Lunalo, Lily Clements and Maxwell Fundi demonstrating their favourite feature.  John showed how imported SPSS-type data columns could be transformed into labelled, Lily used climatic data to show interactive plots, while Maxwell showed the ease of getting facetted plots using the ggplot2 diamonds data.  Then Danny showed how the log file or the data in the session so far could be transferred to RStudio.

The three 10-minute talks on ADI at different levels of education were from Zach Mbasu (school), James Musyoka (undergraduate) and Mark Roberts (AIMS and postgraduate).  After discussion this was followed by 2 further talks, from Andree Nenkam (agricultural research) and Francis Torgbor (climatology).  There was then a final summary by David Stern.