Papers and Publicatons

The story of ADI’s conception and development can be explored through this set of papers.

The UN Data Revolution Group, highlights the how important it is for Africa to take advantage of the Data Revolution, an approach to this is discussed in the paper: Still Coming down from the Mountains, 2017, Roger Stern, Ric Coe and David Stern

An initial attempt to move towards this at Maseno University is outlined in the paper: Incremental Modernisation of Statistics Teaching and Curriculum at Maseno University, Kenya, 2010, David Stern, Omolo N Ongati, John Ogonji Agure and Betty Ogange

Lessons learned through the implementation of Incremental Modernization at Maseno are reflected on in the paper, Reflections on Using Technology to Teach Statistics in Kenya, 2014, David Stern, which describes the need to combine Incremental Modernization with Viral Scaling.  It became clear that for Viral Scaling to be possible it is essential for people to have free access to the tools needed to make changes in education, and this need gave rise to ADI described on the paper SEEDING THE AFRICAN DATA INITIATIVE .

Within ADI we have had some initial experiences at making innovations in teaching easier, as illustrated in the  paper: OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FOR STATISTICS TEACHING

These papers describe key thinking behind the design of ADI’s R-Instat software and its use for teaching. They include

Describing Data Well in R-Instat, 2017, Maxwell Fundi, Lily Clements, David Stern, Roger Stern, François Renaud and Alex Sananka

Making multilevel data ideas more accessible, 2017, Danny Parsons, David Stern and Roger Stern 

Embedding Data Manipulation in Statistics Education, 2017, James Musyoka, John Lunalo, Cathy Garlick, Steven Ndung’u, David Stern, Danny Parsons and Roger Stern

This final paper describes efforts that have custom dissertation writing been made to popularise statistics and data usage for school age children. Statistics in Maths Camps, 2017, Zachariah Mbasu, Thomas Mawora and David Stern