The materials for the Statistics Made Simple course have now become open source and are thus available for free to all those who would like to use them for learning or teaching purposes. We strongly encourage their use.

They make up an innovative course aimed at those who are starting their research, or who are involved in development projects involving data collection and analysis. It is designed to give confidence to those who found previous statistics courses inaccessible or uninteresting.

In its original form eSMS includes the following 10 topics, each of which comprised 6-8 hours of study.

  • Topic 1: Introduction – What is Statistics?
  • Topic 2: Describing Data Well
  • Topic 3: Making Good Generalisations
  • Topic 4: Hypothesis Testing and P-Values
  • Topic 5: Introduction to Statistical Models
  • Topic 6: Explaining Variability
  • Topic 7: More on Explaining Variability
  • Topic 8: Non-Normal Data
  • Topic 9: Generalising Modelling Ideas
  • Topic 10: Coming Down from the Mountains
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