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ILRI Resource

Biometrics and Research Methods Teaching Resource (available both on CD and the web) is composed of six teaching guides and 17 case studies (with their own Excel data sets) taken from projects undertaken in sub-Saharan Africa

We believe that the teaching guides will provide useful complementary teaching material for teachers of biometrics to agriculture students, especially at the MSc level. They also provide useful practical notes for students and researchers. The teaching guides are not intended as replacements for existing lecture notes but rather to provide some useful additional teaching material of a practical nature.

There are 17 case studies drawn from different fields of agricultural research in sub-Saharan Africa. They include data sets and documented files, there are linkages between the teaching guides and the case studies, so that teachers can identify those case studies that deal with the particular topics involved in courses that they may be teaching and researchers can find helpful material relevant to their particular research study.